Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

If you’re not already following @deweynielsen then do so immediately. Long story short, full range of motion is the ultimate prerequisite for movement. Create the joint –> control the joint –> strengthen the joint. If your knee hurts, simply trying to lift the pain away isn’t the answer. #maestrofied #properprogressions #PT #DPT #crossfit #crossfit718 @deweynielsen with @repostapp.
You can see my full Bodyweight Single Leg Squatting video on my YouTube channel. Note that it is a demonstration based on progressing through strength and complexity. If the articulations involved in the pattern you are wishing to accomplish are not capable of achieving the range of motion in an unloaded environment, it’s not wise to move forward and practice them. Practicing a ‘movement’ without the prerequisites for the ‘movement’ will get you nothing but an injury. #controlyourself #frc #functionalrangeconditioning #squat #pistolsquat #singlelegsquat #bodyweighttraining #strengthtraining #crossingpistolsquat #movement #mobility #impactperformancetraining

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