Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Tight lats? Stiff upper back? Zero shoulder mobility? Get after my absolute FAVORITE upper body mobilization. The shoulder and thoracic spine are best friends, so why not mobilize them together. Tip: keep your elbows close together and creep your hands apart to really work that shoulder external rotation mobility. Try to get your head below your arms while keeping your back flat and your core tight. Throw in some contract-relax work by pushing your arms down into the supporting surface as you contracting your lats, hold for 5-10 seconds, relax, and then sink deeper into the position. Make sure you breathe! This is a great one for helping out that front rack position and preparing yourself for any overhead work. This includes pull-ups! Be sure to follow on FB and Insta for all things movement and mobility related. Come move with the Maestro. #crossfit #crossfit718 #movement #mobility #mobilization #overhead #cleanandjerk #snatch #maestrofied

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