Friday, February 27th, 2015

Lots of overhead work in 15.1 means you’d better make sure that thoracic spine of yours is moving well. Help yourself out and make a ‘peanut’ with two tennis balls (or lacrosse balls for you brave souls) and mobilize that thoracic spine. Peanuts are also great for soft tissue mobilization of the paraspinals (the muscles next to the spine). Lie on the floor with your knees bent and position the peanut under your upper back with your spine in the dip between the two tennis balls. Use your arms to support your neck and head as needed and keep the abs engaged. From here you can do a variety of different movements, the most basic of which are demonstrated in the videos on the right. The main thing is to try and go vertebra by vertebra, mobilizing each segment one at a time. The peanut can be used for mobilizing the low back, but it’s best to exercise a bit of caution in that area so as not to promote hyperextension of the low back (excessive lumbar lordosis). The video on the left shows how to make a peanut and everything on the right is how you should be using it. Be sure to follow on FB and Insta for all things movement and mobility related. Come move with the Maestro. #crossfit #crossfit718 #crossfitgames #open #crossfitopen #movement #mobility #mobilization #fitfam #maestrofied

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