Social Media Marketing Bootcamp: A Comprehensive 5-Part Series (Part II – Twitter)

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

How to best use Twitter for your Fitness Company’s Digital Marketing Success

Twitter refuses to be underestimated. What often times can be mistaken for a silly social communication tool is actually a direct window into the wants and needs of your clients. Boasting an average of 288 million active monthly users, Twitter is constantly improving the platform to provide a better user experience and a more applicable marketing service for businesses around the world.

So how does a small business make Twitter work for them?

Consider the following options for utilizing Twitter as a tool in your marketing toolbox.

Connect with Influencers:

One very unique aspect of Twitter is the seemingly direct access it gives users to big names and icons. This digital “bumping elbows” adds a level of excitement and instant gratification that other social media platforms rarely, if ever, provide. On a business level, tagging large names and brands in your postings can add an endorsement-like appearance that can help bring legitimacy to your campaign. Similarly, it is simple for your clientele to become your own cheering section by creating hashtags for them to use in their social engagement.

 Find New Customers:

Often overlooked, twitter search can provide a lush database of people who have expressed interest in exactly what you provide. If your business specializes in a particular area of fitness or a specific technique, you can use this simple tool to gain insight into interest and develop a campaign based on those findings.  Zoning in on your target audience will help to focus valuable time and resources on those who are already looking for what you have to offer.


With a little bit of research and a dash of creativity, utilization of hashtags (#) can put your business on the forefront of social media marketing. Let’s try an experiment. Open up your browser and head on over to a Google search. Type in “#fitness”. On the right hand side of your screen is a scrolling list of businesses and people who are already using #fitness as a means to connect to others with similar interests.

 Ok – so how does this work?

Twitter is a needy platform. Each tweet has an average lifespan of around 2 hours. The Social Media Benchmarks 2015 report produced by Hubspot puts the average amount of tweeting for small businesses at 5.88 tweets per week. It is not enough to just post for your followers – you must engage. The fastest way to lose relevance on this platform is to leave a question unanswered. Engage with your followers, retweet interesting content, and utilize hashtags to show that you are connected with the community. Finally, consider utilizing twitter cards and dynamic images to increase the likelihood of your audience seeing and engaging with your content.

I hope this has helped you gain a better understanding of how Twitter can be a useful tool for your business. Whether or not you feel the need to utilize the platform for your own personal social connections – the world is using it, and your business should take advantage.



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