Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Got tingling hands or fingers in that front rack position? Wrist stretches and mobilizations are great, but when there’s numbness or tingling you gotta floss those nerves. Spending time in that front rack position can tension and/or compress the nerves at the wrist, specifically the median nerve. Symptoms on the palm side of the thumb, index, or middle finger are likely related to median nerve involvement, while symptoms at the palm side of the ring finger (pinky side) or pinky finger indicate ulnar nerve involvement. The top two videos and bottom left video demonstrate variations of median nerve glides, while the picture in the bottom right corner is for the ulnar nerve.
Median nerve glide: arm out to the side at shoulder height palm facing up. Keeping the shoulder down, straighten the elbow, extend the wrist, then reverse the sequence. You can add in the head has demonstrated in the videos.
Ulnar nerve: make the OK sign, bring your hand to your face, rotating your arm so that your palm is touching/towards your face and your fingers are pointing down. Try to look through the hole. Keep your elbow up as high as possible. Reverse the sequence then repeat.
If you’re having symptoms, it’s recommended that you perform 100 reps of these throughout the day. Avoid intense numbness or tingling while performing either of these movements. #crossfit #crossfit718 #frontrack #frontsquat #wristmobility #squat ————————————— Be sure to follow on FB and Instagram for all things #movement and #mobility related. Come move with the Maestro. #maestrofied

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