Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Instantly improve your overhead mobility with this banded mobilization with movement technique. No need to attach the band to the rig or some other stable object, just put it over your shoulder and step on the other end to provide the stability and resistance yourself. Try to place the band right where your arm meets your body (glenohumeral joint) as opposed to directly on top of your shoulder, so as to allow the band to provide an inferiorly directed (downward) force to the head of the humerus (upper arm bone). This technique helps mobilize the inferior (bottom) and posterior (back) portions of the capsule of the shoulder, two areas that often get tight and limit our ability to raise our arms over our head. Try to do a better job than I did of keeping that chin tucked in, eyes gazing straight ahead, core tight. If you notice yourself arching your back while doing this, perform the mobilization while on the ground (or on a bench) as demonstrated in the bottom right video and work to keep your back in contact with the ground. Make sure you breathe! Try to accumulate about 2 minutes of work per shoulder. Of course, this newly gained mobility is NOT permanent, and it’s important to actively move through and strengthen this new range to help improve retention. #maestrofied —————————————
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