Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Struggling with the transition in your muscle-ups? Jumping forward when you snatch? Shoulder pain when you bench press? There’s a good chance you’re missing some shoulder internal rotation. Having full shoulder internal rotation means you should be able to reach behind your back (not to be confused with reaching up and behind your head/neck, that tests external rotation) and EASILY (and in a slow, controlled motion) touch your opposite shoulder blade while standing straight, without any hunching, squirming, hand creeping, or breath holding. If you’re unable to do this, you’ve got dysfunction! Fear not, here’s another shoulder mobilization to help with that internal rotation. While I love the towel stretch, this variation with the PVC pipe allows you to relax your other arm and focus more on keeping your torso upright, and your head and shoulders back. As always, 2-3 minutes of work per arm, immediately followed by some active motion through the new range to grease that groove and help make that new range stick. #maestrofied —————————————
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