Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Here’s a modification for the banded shoulder flexion mobilization with movement technique I posted last week. Some of you with super tight shoulders may find that performing the mobilization as originally demonstrated places too much stress at your low-mid back. This stress is caused by compensation, as your body is stealing motion from a more flexible area (your spine) to make up for the lost mobility at your stiff shoulders. By performing this same mobilization technique with your legs elevated, you take the stress off of your lumbar spine, improve your ability to maintain that hollow-body position, and decrease the likelihood of compensating. For the modified version I recommend using a thicker band, as the shortened distance between you shoulder and foot means you’ll need a thicker band in order to impart the same amount of force. The ultimate goal is to be able to perform the mobilization while standing upright, but ya gotta walk before you run. As always, 2-3 minutes of work per arm, immediately followed by some active motion through the new range to grease that groove and help make that new range stick. #maestrofied —————————————
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