Friday, March 13th, 2015

Got back pain? Looking to crush 15.3? Simply want to be a fully functional human being? Then you need to get after that hip mobility. If you read my post yesterday on the Joint-by-Joint approach, then you understand the HUGE role that the hip plays in back pain and all things movement and mobility related. If the hip can’t move well, the body will steal motion from the low back and you’ll find yourself on my treatment table.
For all you crossfitters out there, while 15.3 is undoubtedly designed to smoke your shoulders, full hip mobility is imperative for those wall balls. Get the most out of your squat and save your shoulders for the muscle-ups and double-unders.
This banded hip opener is designed to allow you to get deeper into the mobilization as the band provides a tractional force at the hip, helping to stretch the capsule and increase the joint space. More space = more room to play. Notice, the band isn’t pulling directly backwards, but rather to the side and back. Keep the abs tight and avoid rounding your back when doing this mobilization. The goal is to increase the range of motion of your hip, not your low back.
As always, 2-3 minutes of work per leg, immediately followed by some active motion through the new range to grease that groove and help make that new range stick. #maestrofied —————————————
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