Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Hit up 15.4 scaled last night and things definitely got a little spicy. Was gunning for 6 rounds and got close with 115 reps. Not sure if I want to try this one again. Break up the sets early, and keep a nice even pace throughout. My plan was to go sets of 5 from the start, and that’s exactly what I did. 65/75# may seem light on paper, but it gets heavy when those reps start adding up. Get after that hook grip and let @goattape take care of your thumbs.
High fives going out to @amucurio for the vid, @kzappa for the zen, and @coachtambot for Eminem and bringing the crazy. @itstinad and @calfsoxandnanos, heard you guys the whole time! Love my @crossfit718 family.
People have asked why I don’t go Rx. My one RM clean is about 130# and trying to do 125# for reps just isn’t wise. It all depends on your goals. In my opinion, a metcon isn’t the the place to work on strength. Slow sets of 1 isn’t what I’m looking for right now. I made a deal with myself this year to focus on better form and moving fast. Rx next year? Perhaps. Speed and safety now? Absolutely. #itsoktogoscaled ——————————————-
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