Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Fear the deadlift? Notice that you’ve developed massive fins at your low back since starting CrossFit? Or maybe you just have a history of “blowing out your back” while doing seemingly safe things like bending forward to pick up your shoes.
If you fit into any of these categories then you need to be working on your hip hinging! The hip hinge is a fundamental movement pattern that allows for safe forward flexion. It restores the appropriate relationship between the spine and hips, and recruits muscles that are better suited for the task.
To perform the hip hinge grab a broomstick or the like and position your hands as shown in the pictures on the right. It doesn’t matter which hand goes on top, though shoulder and thoracic mobility issues may dictate which arm you choose to put where (more on this in part II). The broomstick should be touching the back of your head, upper back, and sacrum, with your head in a neutral position. The goal is to able to maintain these points of contact for the duration of the movement, initiating the hip hinge by pushing the hips backward. If the broomstick lifts off your back it means you’ve lost neutral spine and you’re setting yourself up for injury at that low back. The knees shouldn’t move much and your abs should be engaged. Squeeze the glutes to stand up and return to the starting position. Make sure you breathe! For more information on the hip hinge check out my article, “I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie” on my website. Link is in the bio.
As always, 2-3 minutes of work to grease that groove and help make that new motor pattern stick. #maestrofied ——————————————-
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