Friday, March 27th, 2015

Hit up 15.5 scaled tonight, and man it’s a burner. Might have to get after it again on Monday. My form always slips with thrusters, so I went scaled for the lighter weight, and even still those elbows were dropping. Be smart with this one and check your ego at the door. Must say though, I absolutely have the best CrossFit family around. Shout out to everyone who stayed and pushed me through the pain. @samanthadong, @m_zambito19, @coachtambot, @naesx, @patrickuliano, you guys are the best. Special shout out to @acohen40 for everything from A-Z. Stay tuned for some #maestrofied mobility tips to help you prep for and crush this final WOD. #myboxbad ——————————————-
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