Monday, April 6th, 2015

Are your ankles limiting your squatting? If you are unable to achieve sufficient tibial inclination secondary to ankle restrictions, you will never be able to squat properly. Here’s a quick way to assess ankle mobility.
In order to have what’s considered “full range of motion” at your ankles, you should be able to get your knee 5 inches past your toes without your heel coming off the ground when in a squatting or lunging position. Gray Cook introduced this standard for testing in the SFMA, and I have found it to be the best way to assess functional ankle mobility.
To perform the test, first mark a line 5 inches from the wall. Assume a half kneeling position, with the toes of the ankle to be tested even with your line. From here, while keeping your heel down, shift your weight forward and try to get your knee to touch the wall. If your heel comes up or you are unable to easily touch the wall, you have dysfunctional and insufficient ankle range of motion.
If you have any pain, pulling, or discomfort with this movement, note the location as this will dictate your intervention. Symptoms at the front of the ankle typically indicate talocrural (one of the ankle joints) hypomobility, whereas symptoms at the back of the leg/ankle generally indicate soft tissue restriction (calf/achilles tightness). Note, this test also requires sufficient knee flexion of the testing leg and hip extension of the opposite leg. For those of you who think your hip may be the limiting factor, perform the same test in standing with your leg up on a chair or box. #maestrofied #SockGameOnPoint ——————————————-
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