Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

Here’s another anti-rotational #core (and #shoulder) #stabilization exercise that I like to do with my patients. It’s somewhat hard to see in this video, but there is a theraband attached to only the left side of the dowel. The unilateral pull forces the core to engage to prevent rotation, and also preferentially loads the shoulder complex of the side with the band. I’ve demonstrated 3 different positions, each with different postural demands. Most will actually find that the standing position is the easiest, as they can recruit their legs and compensate. I’m also fond of this exercise, as it’s fairly low budget, requiring only a dowel and a resistance band. The longer the dowel and the farther the band is from your body, the more rotational force that needs to be resisted. Give it a try and Lemme know your thoughts! #BandManiaBackground #maestrofied ——————————————-
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