Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

Here’s one for a the physical therapist and chiros out there.
This is one of the best techniques I’ve found to help restore normal spinal/pelvic alignment in the presence of mechanical dysfunction. Before normal MOVEMENT can be restored, POSTURE/ALIGNMENT must be neutralized. Often times patients will present with a lateral shift, or pain avoidant posture. Bringing these patients back to midline should be at the top of the treatment list.
To perform this correction first determine to which side the patient is deviated via observation and movement assessment techniques of your choice. For hips deviated to the Right, stand with your Left arm closer to the wall, and for hips deviated to the Left, stand with your Right arm closer to the wall. Stand with the feet shoulder width apart to provide a stable base, and place your palm on the wall with your elbow fully extended. Maintaining full elbow extension throughout the duration of the movement is helpful to prevent concurrent trunk motion and compensation. Place your opposite hand on your hip, and gently apply force, moving your hips towards the wall while keeping your torso upright, vertical, and unmoving.
You can either go to or past midline, depending on pain. I recommend that my patients perform 3 sets of 5- 10 repetitions, but these numbers are not set in stone, so feel free to be creative. I have also experimented with having the patient go to end range and then perform small oscillations. Again, play around and see what gets you the best results. If this causes peripheralization or referral of symptoms, back out of it and stay within a comfortable range, increasing the excursion as tolerated. #hipsdontlie #maestrofied ——————————————-
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