Friday, April 17th, 2015

Bringing back those sassy hips! Show me your sass!

Here’s one of my favorite assessments AND correctives for LPHC (lumbo-pelvic-hip complex) dysfunction, particularly those affecting transverse plane motion. On the left is a video demonstrating proper mobility and motion, while on the right we have examples of dysfunctional movement. While the body should be able to move as a coordinated whole, it’s also important to be able to dissociate these parts and have them demonstrate functional independence. As @drandreospina would say, “joint independence before joint interdependence.” To perform this movement, stabilize your torso and trunk by placing your arms across your chest. For those needing more assistance you can stabilize by holding onto a wall or other stationary object. Your legs should be about shoulder-width apart, with your feet facing forward. From here, rotate just your hips/pelvis, keeping your knees in full extension and your feet pointing forward for the duration of the movement. All movement is occurring from the waist down, and thus your shoulders and trunk should not move.
This is a purely rotational movement, and thus no lateral shifting or shearing should be occurring. Motion should be symmetrical bilaterally in terms of both absolute motion and ease of motion. Go slowly, and remember to breathe.
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