The Movement Maestro: Toe Touch Progression

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

The Toe Touch Progression is a great way to pattern forward bending and hip hinging. This drill is helpful for those unable to touch their toes, as often times it is not true hamstring ‘tightness’ that is limiting the movement, but an inability to stabilize the core and properly pattern the motion.

Key points:
-Keep the core engaged
-Feet should remain side by side for the duration of all the movements
-Platform used under heels/toes should be 1-2 inches in height
-Towel or foam roll should be thick enough that the knees cannot be locked backward or hyperextended
-Squeeze the towel/foam pad for the duration of each movement
-If you cannot reach the toes, bend the knees slightly to reach them for the first repetition
-Try to reduce the knee bend with each repetition and try to go a little farther each time
-Go slowly and breathe

As always, if this drill causes you any pain or discomfort stop immediately and contact your local medical professional.

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