Sunday, June 4th, 2017

In the wake of my massive left palm tear yesterday, I thought it only appropriate to bring this one back from the archives. That left shoulder still isn't 100% ?

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Proximal stability allows for distal mobility. Lose that proximal stability and you can bet everything down the chain is going to be affected in some way.

Case in point: my crappy left shoulder stability (Yes, the Maestro has stuff to work on, too) and my recurrent left thumb blister/tearing. Notice in the top video how much my shoulder blade moves around and the poor rhythm as compared to the right shoulder. Any time there is a lot of bar or barbell work (pull-ups, toes-to-bar, cleans, snatches, etc) if my left thumb isn't taped, I'll tear in that same spot. Why? My hand is trying to take up the slack for my wimpy shoulder.

Since can't stabilize as well proximally (at my shoulder), my body is forced to work harder distally (via gripping tighter – aka less mobility/freedom in that area). Solution? Fix the shoulder and spend less money on tape. More @crossoversymmetry here I come.

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