Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Seeing as how I'm currently at an adult-only resort, I thought it only appropriate to make this #tbt post about something all these adults could definitely use…some child-like movement.

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#TBT to when we used to get down on the ground for more than just passing out after a night of too much drinking. Bear crawling is an AMAZING core exercise, and one of my absolute favorite primal patterns/system resets.

Crawling helps prime the system for upright activity by patterning coordinated hip and shoulder girdle movement, which is how our bodies were designed to work. Bear crawling as compared with regular crawling adds an extra degree of difficulty by requiring reflexive core engagement for anti-rotational stability to prevent your pelvis from dropping and moving excessively as you shift weight from one side to the other.

Performing crawling with no shoes on is an excellent way to introduce barefoot training and work on foot strength. Let's also not forget the wrist/hand strength and mobility requirements imposed by this movement pattern.
I strategically left the sound on in this video to remind folks to breathe, and demonstrate that this shouldn't be a high threshold movement that requires a valsalva maneuver, a red face, and a near death experience. Just look at Nellie Grace, future @crossfitutica stud (guaranteed athletic prowess with parents like @amucurio and @cmucurio), yelling and making things look easy as pie.

All around super dope drill and one that should be included in everyone's warmup and/or daily movement flow. Give it a try and see for yourself. Remember to breathe!

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