The Movement Maestro: Side-lying Thoracic Mobilization

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Let’s get hat thoracic spine moving.

If you sit at a desk, think you have bad posture, drive a lot, want to improve your overhead position, or are basically just alive, this drill can help you out. Yesterday I demonstrated a drill to help with shoulder mobility, but if you don’t have any thoracic mobility, good luck getting any shoulder mobility.

This is a variation of the more well-known open book drill. What I like is the hand placement on the ribs that helps us to generate more tension and make the movement more active. Active interventions yield active results! So keep the hands in place for the whole drill, and use them to try and pull yourself into more of a twist.

Reps, sets . Try to accumulate 2 minutes per side, going slowly, avoiding pain, breathing, and trying to get a little farther each time you rotate back. If you get a cramp, embrace it . Make sure to turn the head as you go, keep the knees together and bent, with the bottom leg remaining on the ground. Really focus on rotating from that upper back. It feels good. I promise.

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