Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Do you even balance, bro?

A bunch of ideas comin at you for working on balance. They’re in a ROUGH progression of easiest to most difficult, but, as is the case with everything I post, this is social media, and nothing is perfect, so don’t forget that.

Adding head movements challenges your vestibular system. Closing the eyes decreases your ability to use your visual system, which is honestly a HUGE issue I see in athletes. Over-reliance on vision, which means when you can’t see what’s going on you’re at that much more risk for dysfunction and injury. Lastly, being on an unstable surface is going to challenge both that vestibular and proprioceptive system. Fun stuff.

Eyes focused with head turning, eyes moving as the head turns, eyes closed, add in cognitive tasks, change the position, balance on your hands, change the surface…holy smokes the options are endless. Mix and match as you wish! The biggest thing is that you don’t want to make the challenge so difficult that you can’t succeed. High (quality) reps is how you get changes.

By no means a compressive balance plan here, and as always, it’s best to get in and see a local professional. There are some AMAZING vestibular PTs out there, and others who may not specialize in vestib, but are are truly knowledgeable about this realm (@kevinlannanpt where’s your content?!!) Far more than me. Simply wanted to put it out there that we can ALL benefit from working on balance…and it doesn’t have to be boring. Don’t be afraid to have some fun when you’re training, rehabbing, working out. Life’s to short to be anything but happy.

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