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DM #533

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

DM #533: Pain and tightness are symptoms, NOT causes.

Things don’t just hurt or get tight for no reason. A diagnosis will give a name to symptoms, but won’t tell you why those symptoms are there in the first place. You want to really help people? Figure out WHY those things are there in the first place.

Now don’t get me wrong, symptom management has its place. Many times you simply have to make people feel better before you can get down to figuring out what’s wrong. My point is simply that you must have that search for the why, somewhere in your mine. You can’t just chase symptoms. Like my dude’s brand name says, @stopchasingpain.

So, take home message. Treat the symptoms, but go back and find, fix, and address the cause. Pain is a danger signal. Tightness is a search for stability. If you stop at the symptoms, you’ll never figure out the cause.

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