Monday, November 13th, 2017

Throwin it back to my @bespoketreatments days! Here’s one of my favorite drills for both glute and foot strengthening. Heck, who am I kidding?!? This bad boy gets the entire leg going. If you want a burner, you got it.

The resistance from the band causes increased glute activation, and because it’s under your own foot, as you pull against it, it forces you to work on that balance. By holding the band in the hand opposite from the working foot, we replicate normal reciprocal arm-leg movement (opposite arm advances with opposite leg during walking/running/etc) and introduce rotational demands that need to be resisted by the core and countered by the hip rotators.

You can regress the difficulty of this drill by allowing your trailing leg to rest on the ground or on top of a slider if you have one. No rounding the low back! Make sure you’ve got a good hip hinge before you add this in to your program. And as always, breathe! Bonus points if you do this with your shoes off! I just love my metcons too much to take them off ?

Note: I use two @perform_better bands looped together for this because it feels like if I use just one I might end up with a broken band and a bruised ego. Safety first!

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