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DM #558

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

DM #558: Exposing yourself to less than biomechanically ideal positions will not cause you to only and always assume less than biomechanically ideal positions; it just means you’ll know what to do when you’re in them.

A little continuation from last night’s DM and discussion. Why should we train those weird looking positions? So that we don’t get hurt when we’re forced into them. A common training “error” I see is that clinicians/coaches work so hard training players to avoid positions and never spend any time teaching these movers how to control those positions. Avoidance is a distant cousin of injury.

Am I saying that you should max effort squat with knee valgus and a rounded back? No. Should you introduce those positions in some (safe) capacity to build resiliency in those tissues? Absolutely. Why? Because injury occurs in the ranges we don’t train. When the force being imparted is greater than the force that can be controlled and attenuated. FRC 101.

So, take home: Get weird. Drill the “good” positions but make sure you expose yourself to the “bad” ones too. Your future self will thank you.

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