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DM #560

Monday, December 4th, 2017

DM #560: I ain’t here to ? on stretching. You like stretching? You find that it helps you? Then keep on keepin’ on. Not getting the results you want? Let’s try something else.

As @stopchasingpain says, “stability rules the movement road.” What does that mean? If you want your nervous system to grant you the mobility to be able to move, it’s gotta feel safe…you gotta have stability. That safety will allow those tissues to relax, and suddenly, you don’t have to do so much stretching.

Now, again, I’m not here to say that “stretching” doesn’t “work”. Talk to all the bendy people out there. Clearly it does something. It’s HOW it’s being done, and in conjunction with what other things that makes the difference. Add any type of active movement to that stretching and the efficacy improves tremendously. Why? Because you’re imparting stability as you work on stability.

Been hearing a lot recently about fascial stretch therapy (@stretchtowin), and while I don’t love the name, the principles seem pretty sound. It’s not just another passive technique. Active interventions yield active results. Stretching convinces the nervous system far more than it creates mechanical changes at the level of the tissue. Don’t forget that.

Take home message: do what works for you. But, if you’re not seeing results, remember just how the human body works. Stability is your friend.

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