Saturday, December 23rd, 2017

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In physical therapy school were always learning about chin tucks and the importance of strengthening the deep neck flexors for patients with neck pain and/or any sort of cervical dysfunction. However, I’ve found that supine positioning can often be too difficult for patients, and forces them to employ a high threshold strategy with breath holding, excessive muscle contractions, and a general over-reliance on the SCMs.

Quadruped positioning is a nice way to decrease the postural demands associated with cervical motion, particularly flexion, while also allowing the shoulder girdle to join the party and help with stabilization. By adding in rocking you changed the load through the upper extremities along with the freedom of the thoracic spine. Couple this with focused diaphragmatic breathing and you’ve got yourself one hell of a drill. Tip: keep your tongue placed gently against the inside of your teeth to prevent straining of the cervical musculature and improper movement patterns.

This drill can be used for any cervical motion, not just flexion and extension, and is an excellent flow to add to any warmup. Aim to keep a neutral spine with this, as we’re working specifically on cervical motion/patterning.

For all of my SFMA practitioners out there, this has quickly become one of my favorite exercises to give to cervical patients with DN cervical patterns secondary to SMCDs.

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