Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Sitting in 90-90, to get better mobility at 90-90, works much better if you can actually get into 90-90 ?.

FRC took the movement world by storm and popularized and old hip mobility position. The problem I’ve seen is that many folks absolutely do not have the mobility to get into anything close to that position, and as such, they end up wrenching their backs in an effort to do what all the cool kids are doing.

Solution? Raise it up! Prop yourself up and decrease the amount of external rotation required of that front leg, along with the amount of abduction and internal rotation required by the back leg. Once you’re there, you’ve got yourself a nice upright torso, a happy back, and can actually focus on mobilizing your hips.

Like I said in the video, this can also be done using a foam roller and ab-mats, or something similar underneath your shin. search the hashtag #maestrofyyourhip and it will come up. (Yup, you can search hashtags. Yup. My ? is labeled and searchable by body part #MaestrofyYourX ?.)

Go slowly, focus on maintaining position, breathe, and as always, 3 sets of 1 million.

Like it? Repost it. Don’t understand it? Hit me up and get #Maestrofied.

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