A Better Way To Plank

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Let’s get out of that super extended position for a second, shall we?

Took a PRI course this weekend and they demoed what was basically a standing version of this, which is basically just a regressed version of an RKC plank, so I figured I’d make a video.

This is one of my favorite drills to give to people who have a tendency to live and perform in that super lordotic (arched lower back) position. Now, I’m not here to say that an anterior pelvic tilt is the devil and that you should get rid of it. No. Just demonstrating a drill that I have found to be tremendously helpful in getting people to feel what it’s like to actually brace their core…get their upper body involved…breathe…and not be lying flat on their backs.

As I state in the video, the main cue here is thinking about dragging those arms/elbows down towards your toes as you actively keep your pelvis in a slightly posteriorly rotated (tucked under) position.

Notice that I was able to talk and breathe while performing the exercise. This shouldn’t be a max effort, hold your breath, blow your head off drill (I’m not really sure that any drill should be that, but I digress). You can start by simply sequencing the breath with the hold, using that exhale to really get those ‘abs’ even more engaged. If you need to rest following that exhale, that’s totally fine. Inhale, reset, and repeat. Otherwise, look to breathe and hold the position. As always, 3 sets of 1 million.

Is it truly a better way to plank? I dunno. Made for a nice title. If your back looks like a skate ramp, then yes, perhaps it will be a better way for you. Either way, give it a shot and lemme know how it goes.

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