Advanced Core Drill

Friday, January 19th, 2018

H/t to @mw_burke for this one.

A nice little more advanced core drill that works both the anti-extension and anti-rotational side of things.

The goal here is to resist BOTH extension and rotation. So, don’t let the back arch/sag, and don’t let the hips/torso twist or shift.

Big points here:
✅ Use a LIGHT band. Bigger is NOT better ?. This is the lightest band that @perform_better sells.
✅ Keep the pelvis level. Have someone watch you, use a mirror, or film yourself. If the hips twist, or shift, you’re missing out on the intended stimulus of the drill.
✅ The more closer together your feet are, the more difficult it will be.
✅ BREATHE. This is a higher level exercise but still not a high threshold drill, which means you shouldn’t have to hold your breath in order to complete it.

Who is this intended for? Honestly, without me assessing you I can’t tell you if this drill is appropriate for you, but, this is something I’d give to my higher level, PAIN-FREE movers, who I’m looking to work on anti-rotational stability with. These folks already own anti-extension (meaning I don’t have to worry about cueing them a million times to not let their low back sag/arch), and we’ve moved on to working on that transverse plane. Do things because they are in line with and appropriate for your goals, not because they look cool.

As always, 3 sets of 1 million.

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Special shoutout to the 10AM accelerator class for being so amazing and allowing me to get this done in one take ?❤??.

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