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DM #607

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

DM #607: :::Insert Keanu Reeve face:::

They are arbitrary, folks. Nice for tracking things and comparing past and present performances, but there is no scientific data that proves that 3 sets of 10 is the ideal for..well…anything.

Yes, we can look to the science for numbers as very rough guidelines (check out @strong_by_science for all things number related), but we can’t live and die by them. We can’t ignore what our body’s are telling us. There is valuable subjective and objective data there. Listening to how you feel. Truly experiencing the movement. Being present. Knowing that you have a few more reps in you, or no, that last one was it. That is when you will grow.

I jokingly put “3 sets of 1 million” whenever I post a movement video, but the reasoning is that the answer is “it depends”. It depends on your goals, it depends on your physical/emotional/psychological status, it depends how you’re feeling that day, it depends how many times you’ve done that exercise before…it depends on too many things for me to assign you a box without even seeing you.

So, by all means, write down your numbers. Keep track of what you’ve done. Note how you’re feeling. Just don’t go into it with tunnel vision, or expect that the prescribed reps and sets is exactly what you need. Reps and sets are guides, not guarantees. Treat them as such.

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