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DM #610

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

DM #610: Trainers, stay in your lane. Clients, don’t settle for bandaids. Clinicians, do better.

Got a text from a close friend explaining that she had asked her boxing coach to modify her core exercises because they made her back pop. His response: “You need an adjustment. My chiro will be in this week.” ??‍♂️

First off, if this is you, it’s likely not your back that is popping, but rather your hip flexor. Check out #maestrofyyourhip for an explanation as to what is likely going on. Second, kindly ask your trainer to stay in their lane. Third, get in and see a provider who can help you move better.

That hip clunk/SI joint “shift”/back pop with core exercises is something that I see ALL the time, and something that can and should be addressed. Just because it doesn’t hurt doesn’t mean it isn’t dysfunctional. Get in. Get assessed. Get better. The end.

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