The Dance of the Unstable

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

It all matters when you’re doing an assessment.

If your patient keeps squirming, going back and forth from foot to foot, lifting up one leg, shifting their weight all over, looking a bit restless…think stability (or bathroom break ??‍♂).

The nervous system always seeks safety. It craves stability. Don’t have it? It’s gonna move you around until it can find it, even if it’s just for an instant.

What to do next? Impart stability. Where? I have no idea. ??‍♂ I haven’t assessed you. Assessment drives intervention. I repeat, assessment drives intervention. My point with this post was simply to open your eyes to something that you may have seen a million times but never actually thought twice about. It all matters…unless it doesn’t…but it usually does ?

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