Using Rock Floss to Treat the Thoracolumbar Fascia

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

No. I’m not breaking up fascial adhesions. Simply looking to improve fascial glide by working at fascial interfaces while sending some new/different information to his brain, in an effort to help with pain.

Peep that anatomy picture in the lower left corner. Chances are you already did, because this particular post layout has been statistically proven to increase likes by 23.2% ?. Hence why you see so many of them. Anyway, that area of your back has a TON of fascia, and sometimes, in the presence of pain and/or long-standing dysfunction, that fascia doesn’t glide as nicely as we’d like. (Pain science police: implying correlation, not causation there)

If you have dycem (woot woot all my OT’s out there) it’ll work the same. I don’t have any of that, but I do have RockFloss…so that’s what I used. As stated in the video, the whole goal is to simply get more purchase on the skin. You can absolutely do this with your hands, but there’s less friction that way, and you tend to slide over the skin more than having the skin sliding with you.

Cool ?. I said this in the video, but those of you lacking the attention span to watch the whole thing, direction of treatment can absolutely matter…and no, it’s not just about pushing into restrictions and getting more mobility. Directional preference can be caused by superficial/cutaneous nerve entrapments…or determined by simply asking your patient which direction feels better. Changing the afferent input to the brain with directional gliding can be HUGE.

Ok, just wanted to give you guys a little food for thought. Wanna learn more? Come on out and take a course. Don’t wanna take a course? Ok. Experiment on yourself. I promote it because it works, not because I work for @rocktape (though, honestly it is the best company ??‍♂).

And yes…my hair was crazy ??‍♂.

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