Sometimes Ya Gotta Strengthen Your Hip Flexors

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

There’s more to rehab than resting and “releasing” (I still don’t like that word). Sometimes ya gotta stabilize and strengthen.

Yes, the hip flexors tend to be a reflexively tightened (notice I didn’t say short) group of muscles. Sometimes they’re strong, and sometimes they’re not. Now, like I always say, without assessing you I have no idea if these drills will help you. But, for me and my ever evolving hip, Right hip flexor strength is something I need to work on.

Traditional band resisted hip flexion isn’t anything new, but what I like about the second two drills is that we’re adding in another challenge to the pattern with that medially and laterally directed pull of the band. Often times we get really good in one direction and forget that movement occurs in three planes of motion. As such, it’s not a bad idea to try and work on them all.

So, as always, 3 sets of 1 million. Do your best to resist the pull of the band and keep the motion going front to back. Oh, and pay attention the stance leg. It’s just as important.

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