What the heck is RockTape Rock Floss?

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

You asked, I listened. 10,000 ft view of @rocktape RockFloss. Note, this is NOT a “How to use RockFloss video”, but rather, a “What the heck is RockFloss and how does it ‘work’?’’ video.

All the info is there, so give it a watch. Our RockTape FMT Performance course now has an entire section devoted to flossing, so if you’re so inclined, would love to have you there. If you want to go at it on your own, more power to ya. Never here to sell you anything, just trying to share the movement and spread the knowledge.

For once, this is NOT something that requires 3 sets of 1 million. Recommended wear time is less than 3 minutes for the lower extremity and less than 2 minutes for the upper extremity. If your limb goes numb or turns blue, it’s too tight and/or you’ve left it on too long. Remove IMMEDIATELY. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Feel free to use some common sense here. While you’re at it, check with a local medical pro before ya do anything. Safety (and covering my 🍑) first.

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