Help Unshift that Lateral Shift

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

I put my hand upon your hip…

Make stuff work good. Make the nervous system feel safe. Make sure you go see an in-person medical provider and don’t just use the interwebs to try and fix yourself.

Ol’ McKenzie repeated motion here, this time for that lateral shift. Like I said in the video, there could be a million things that cause this, so, go and get assessed. Are we reducing a disc? Are we putting something back in? I have no idea. Likely not. BUT, are we looking to tell the nervous system “I’m safe in this position”?!? ABSOLUTELY. As such, the goal isn’t to push this til it hurts or bend it til it breaks. Be easyyyyy.

Filmed this video real quickly for my good friend, JLove, who’s having some back pain stuffs. Will it help you? I have no idea. Is it one of my go-to’s for helping a lateral shift? Yes ma’am. Do I do it in conjunction with 6393447 other things and only after a thorough exam to assess appropriateness?! You bet your sweet 🍑!

Lots of disclaimers with this caption, I know. Safety first. Most of the time, these lateral shifts are associated with some pretty unpleasant symptoms, and I’m not in the business of throwing 💩 at the wall, hoping something sticks, and in the process making folks feel worse. So, get assessed. If your person says this is what you need, then give it a shot and lemme know how it goes.

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