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DM #688

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

DM #688: I’m on Day ✌🏾 of @marcusfilly’s #awakentrainingseries through @revivalstrength, and never has this concept been more apparent.

I strategically didn’t say what you could get better at, because honestly, this concept applies to pretty much anything. Speed hides need. Slow 💩 down, expose the dysfunction, then hang out there 😫. Adding specific tempos to your training will yield benefits…guaranteed.

For those of you interested, I decided to follow @revivalstrength because I don’t handle volume well. I want to get stronger but these Jiminy 🦗 legs don’t love the heavy loading. Solution? Less weight but MOAR time under tension. Gonna be documenting my journey on the interwebs (IG stories most likely) so feel free to take a 👀. And yes, you know there will eventually be a 🎙podcast🎙about it.

Take home: Slow it down to build it up. Slow it down to speed it up. Spend more time working on/in the positions you don’t love and don’t yet own. Change the tempo, change the outcome. 🙌🏾

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