Addressing Cutaneous Nerve Entrapments

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018



Just because something hurts doesn’t mean the problem is the joint, or the muscle, or the tissue. The very mechanical approach that has been traditionally adopted by western medicine has overlooked the concept of cutaneous nerve entrapments as causative agents for some of those pain symptoms that we see. 🤔

Translation: teeny nerves can get trapped/pinched within your tissues and cause some unhappiness.

All of this draws very heavily on the work from @dianejacobs. In her books Dermoneuromodulation, Diane postulates that cutaneous nerves can get entrapped as they course through skin ligaments on their way towards the skin, or where they actually pierce the tissue to innervate the skin. She calls these areas grommet holes, and what’s cool is that many of these grommet holes correspond to acupuncture points 🤯. I’m not gonna lie, I too was highly skeptical of this theory, along with its validity and clinical utility. Suffice to say, first-hand anecdotal evidence has made me a believer 🙌🏾.

As for treatment, be eassssy. We’re just looking to glide that skin and help the nerves to move easier. No need to be crazy aggressive! Our @rocktape Blades Advanced course discusses this very topic, and explores the use of tools to help decrease these cutaneous entrapments. Treatment doesn’t have to hurt for you to get better.

So, before you assume that your patient’s symptoms must be secondary to a disc, or SI joint, or facet…make sure you think about those cutaneous nerves.

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