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Daily Maestroism #727

Monday, May 21st, 2018

DM #727: Hey @dannymattapt, can I get an amen?!? 🙌🏾😉👊🏽

I love teaching. I’d love to have YOU at my course. But, I also want more for this profession. I want folks to realize the fact that a ceiling doesn’t exist and happiness is theirs for the making. Tools are cool. Tape is cool. Cupping is cool. Want to really see some return on your investment though? Learn how to market yourself. Learn how to run a cash business. Learn how to make money while you sleep.

This caption might be off-putting to some practitioners…and that’s a problem. We deserve to get paid what we’re worth. We always discuss how we can save people money…where’s the same amount of conversation about how we can make money? It’s ok to do what you love, and help people, and make money.

Grow your skill set. Take more traditional continuing ed courses…just make sure you sprinkle some business stuff in there. PT school taught you how to be safe, not how to make money.

PS – AWESOME Maestro on the Mic episode with @dannymattapt dropping on Memorial Day discussing this exact concept…oh and how to build a $100k physical therapy cash-based practice. You’re not gonna want to miss it.

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