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MOTM #073: Does Fibromyalgia Really Exist?

Thursday, December 13th, 2018


I'm going down that pain science rabbit hole today and answering the question “Does fibromyalgia really exist?”. Received an awesome question from my guy Iian Kemp (yes, he has two I's in his name) and was so inspired I decided to record the answer as a podcast from all the way down unda. Perhaps the real question is, what's in a diagnosis? Had a blast recording this episode and I want you to listen to it so I'm not gonna give anything else away in this little blurb. Suffice to say this is probably my favorite Thursday shorty to date, and I'm extremely grateful for Ian's question and the discussion that ensued.

In this episode:

Iian Kemp: @the_peg_physio

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