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MOTM #157: Let’s Talk About Digital Products

Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Now this is the stuff that gets me excited!

Had a listener (@kateformanyoga) reach out to me on IG and ask for an episode about evergreen products and creating a digital course, so here goes nothing.

Let this be proof to all you awesome listeners that if you reach out, I'll ALWAYS reach back, and I just might do an entire episode for ya.

So go grab something to take notes on, because this episode has a TON of info comin' your way. Let's go.

Links & Resources for This Episode:

Listen to MOTM #106 with Claire Pelletreau
Check out my favorite email marketing software: Convert Kit (Affiliate link)
Check out what I use to host my online courses: Kajabi (Affiliate link)
Check out the webcam I use (Amazon affiliate link)

Also mentioned in this episode:
Screen recording software: Screencast-o-matic
Video hosting platform: Vimeo
Online course options: Teachable, Thinkific, Namastream

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