Maestro on the Mic

MOTM #247: Says who?

Thursday, October 15th, 2020

When you look at someone who has ‘made it' and is regarded as an authority in their field, do you ever ask “Says who?”

Now, I'm not really talking about those with scientific achievements so much as folks in the marketing/branding/self-help/business development worlds.

You know I absolutely love me some Seth Godin, but when thinking of his accolades and status and generally being revered as a marketing guru, I still can't help but ask myself “Says who?”

I have a bit of a hunch that if I were to ask that question to a younger version of himself, he might just reply, “Says me.”, and I'm not one bit mad about that.

I think MOAR people need to realize that they can build their own stage, and it's honestly very unlikely that someone else will ever give them one.

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