As an endurance athlete the occasional injury unfortunately occurs. During these times of frustration it is a relief to have a trusted source to turn to for help. I made an appointment with Shante in 2012 to resolve issues with my left hamstring. Her welcoming and enthusiastic reception upon first meeting her made me feel comfortable and at ease. During her diagnosis I was amazed with her knowledge and ability to explain the interconnecting parts of the body and how they impact each other in a way I could understand. I was glad that Shante could relate to me as a runner and truly appreciated that she took it personal to get me back to running again. As the issue with my hamstring improved so did the types of exercises which were prescribed.

The following year I began to experience issues with my knee. When this occurred I knew exactly who to turn to. At this point in her career Shante began to work for a different office but I knew that she would be the one to get me back into shape. She diagnosed me with Runner’s Knee and within a few weeks of following her advice and the performing the exercises she prescribed I was back to running pain free once more.

When you speak to Shante you will see that she is great with people and genuinely cares about getting you back to performing everyday tasks. In the short time that I’ve known Shante she has achieved a number of additional certifications and accolades. She is a wealth of information and I consider her a trusted source and after you meet with her I am confident that you will feel the same way as well.

— Alex M.

Shante’s passion is inspiring. Her patience and attention to detail were critical to helping me address injury and return to the soccer field. She not only helped diagnose and treat my injury, but she was able to explain the nuances of what was happening in my body in a way that made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the recovery process.

— Rebecca M.

I have suffered chronic headaches and migraines for around 15 years due to an old back injury (causing scoliosis and muscular issues in both my back and neck). Worse, it’s never in the same location or side of my back/neck, so it’s hard to maintain and keep stabilized myself with exercise. After my last physical therapist failed to keep everything released, I started losing hope that I’d ever being pain free and be able to get a good night’s sleep. Then I was introduced to Shante and finally things changed. I started to notice the difference within only a short while and headache tablets and sleepless nights were replaced with sleep. Her technique has changed my life considerably. She not only figures out quickly what it is causing the problem at any given time, but she is relentless at working at it until it’s released. Even better, whereas I was needing to see other therapists on a weekly basis, Shante has stabilized me enough that I can now go long stretches without needing to have any work done. This was also important to me, as I work long hours and it’s stressful trying to find the time. She also cares on a personal level and always follows up to see how the treatment has worked. I could not wish for a better therapist and in my mind, she could not come more highly recommended.

— Karen A.

I was very nervous beginning pelvic floor physical therapy and was unsure of what to expect. From the moment I met Shante, she made me feel calm and assured. She explained to me exactly what my body was doing and what our work in physical therapy was going to do. Shante is incredibly knowledgable in her work and is constantly seeking out new information and research- in many appointments she showed me articles and new findings to help me become a more knowledgable patient and self-advocate. Above all Shante gave me a sense of hope, that together we were going to make gains and progress towards our goal. I benefitted greatly from my time with Shante and because of her have gained a small part of my life back that had been missing for so long.

— Robyn C.

I went to Shante after hurting my back doing some weightlifting. She took the time to assess my history, and found the areas that caused my pain just by using her touch and simple exercises. She then went into great detail showing me via an anatomy app on her iPad what was triggering this pain, and which areas were of concern. Shante has great hands and not only gave a massage to loosen up my muscles, but showed me exercises to do as ‘homework’ to ensure proper healing. She also followed up with me via email, sending me links on youtube to remind me of the exercises I should be practicing for homework. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and I know I can rely on her to help me heal fast so I can get back to working out. To top it off, she has an amazing sense of humor and ease in her manner, making me feel relaxed and the visit enjoyable. Shante is a true professional and one would be lucky to be treated by her.

— Samantha D.

Clinical Physical Therapy

By appointment only.
Contact me to set up an appointment.

1 hour duration
$200. I do not accept insurance. It is the devil.
Kinesis Movement Studio
12528 West Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

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