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Coronavirus can't stop us!

You asked, I listened, so here we go! Whether you've been meaning to take a Maestro course and couldn't find the time, or it cost too much to travel, or there just wasn't one close to you, now you've got options.

If you follow me at all, you know that the digital space is my playground, and I want to show you that virtual assessments don't have to be scary, that you can in-fact learn things while wearing pajamas, and that just because something is different doesn't mean it's bad.

I have taken my two day in-person course, pulled out the best parts, added in an entire section about digital biz and performing virtual assessments, and wrapped it all into a one day course for you. Let me show you the future. Come move with the Maestro.


Learning how to assess movement and help your patients shouldn’t make your head explode. Pain science should be practical. If you spend seven hours at a course, you should be able to implement things on Monday.

Enter, Moving with the Maestro.

The reality is you’re likely already a very good provider. You’ve taken courses and you get positive outcomes, but you’re looking for a simplified approach and a way to really understand how it all fits together. I gotchu.

Moving with the Maestro: A Virtual Experience, provides every attendee with the foundation to better understand pain, better assess and identify dysfunction, and better understand the fundamentals of movement. It is not a deep-dive down any singular rabbit hole, or a dissertation about high-level concepts that will have you leaving the weekend more confused than when you arrived. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

In a single weekend you will learn how to identify mobility and stability dysfunctions, learn a practical approach to pain science, learn why we move the way we move, and learn how to better apply the tools you already have in your toolbox. As a bonus, I've included an entire section on digital buisness, and structured the course to show you how you can implement every concept within a remote session with your patients and clients. I've been doing virtual consults for five years, and I promise you, you CAN help your people, the digital space does NOT have to be scary, and your skills can ABSOLUTELY translate into virtual offerings.

It’s time to simplify the concepts, connect the dots, and piece together all the information so that you not only feel confident, but excited "walking" into the clinic on Monday. Come get virtual with the Maestro.

Course outline

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  • Virtual Assessments and Digital Biz 101
    • A full overview of how to set up and perform virtual assessments, including logistics and legal concerns
    • How to structure a virtual assessment to ensure the best patient/client experience
    • Can you actually help people remotely? Let's chat 😈.
    • The top 6 questions I recommend you ask EVERY patient/client to improve your outcomes
    • How to market your services AND a discussion about the various services you can provide
    • A discussion about number one tip for success in the digital space: Niching down
  •  Pain Science
    • What do Pandemics and pain have in common?
    • Neurotags and the neuromatrix theory
    • A practical approach to understanding and explaining pain
    • How to best help your people: Understanding the Pain-time Continuum


  • Assessment time!!!
    • My 4-Can System: A simplified approach to identifying movement dysfunction
    • Identifying patterns - A big picture approach to easily stability and mobility needs
    • The Maestro's Domino Theory - Understand how mobility, stability, and flexibility all work together to allow for movement and how to identify what's dsyfunctional
    • The PODAR system - A simplified, organized, and systemized approach to assessing movement that can ABSOLUTELY be performed remotely, to identify the primary cause of movement dysfunction
    • Developmental kinesiology - My JAM! An introduction to breathing, rolling, and crawling, and a discussion about why we as humans move the way we do.
    • Going Pro - Taking all of the assessment concepts learned during the day and applying them to higher level movements like gait, throwing, and squatting.


  • One 7 hour day with 6 hours of dope content
    • The times listed below are all PST. I've done my best to try and offer times that allow for international folks to hop on as well.
  • Lunch break and brain breaks provided
  • $275 per person
  • $175 for students
    • You must email a copy of your academic schedule or class registration along with current academic major/area of study to and you will be sent a special student discount code to enter when registering to receive the student rate
  • The course will take place via ZOOM and a link to join will be emailed prior to the course date
  • Slides will be emailed to all attendees prior to the course date
  • Courses will be limited to 15 attendees to ensure quality


Yup! We ZOOM-in', baby. I decided to use ZOOM to host these courses because I WANNA SEE YOU! Every attendee is strongly encouraged to turn their screens on, and because these courses are LIVE, you can ask questions in real time and have them answered, demoed, broken down, laid out, flipped and reversed. Having your screen on also allows me to 'read the room' and see when folks are ready for breaks.

You will be sent slides prior to the start of the course, and I will be doing a screen-share the entire time, so you will be able to see both me AND the slides (and your fellow attendees if you choose), for the duration of the course.

I'm guessing that all of you are pretty familiar with ZOOM by now, but if you're not, you can CLICK HERE to check out the ZOOM website and learn more.



(I realize there are only two reviews here. I've only taught the course one time! Be kind.)


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