Social Media Marketing Bootcamp: A Comprehensive 5-Part Series (Part IV – Pinterest)

Monday, April 20th, 2015

How to maximize the benefits of Pinterest for your Fitness Company’s digital marketing engagement

As of January, 2015 Pinterest boasted over 50 million unique users.

Pinterest is one of the youngest social networks that we will discuss in this series and with that comes a lot of youthful energy. Business voices rang out and cried for proof of value and Pinterest has been one of the first to offer tangible evidence of this social medium’s worth.

From a consumer’s standpoint, Pinterest is an amazing tool for instant gratification and visual cataloguing. Hours can be consumed in collecting and cataloguing information, and most importantly this information can be saved away in easy to find places for reference later. (Search: “exercises for belly fat”)

For business owners, the platform offers a visual environment where each “pin” works much like a bookmark, leading your potential clients deeper into your sales funnel. Well-made content has the opportunity to go “viral” and well-described content has a higher likelihood of being found by your direct market. Additionally, interactive elements can be implemented in your business website to offer your audience a chance to find and share your content easily themselves.

Here are some tips for setting your business up for success on the Pinterest Platforms:

Organize your Boards:

One of the most effective ways to increase engagement on your Pinterest account is to create specific, well organized boards. Consider creating pins to use as “window dressing” for each of your business’ boards. Here is an example of a Pinterest account that is utilizing this tactic effectively.

Connect with your website:

Now you can easily connect your website to your audience’s Pinterest accounts by following some simple steps here.  If you feel you have a few technical muscles to flex, try creating this button and adding it to each page on your site where you have visual, engaging content that you would like to see your visitors share. It’s as easy as that!

Link back to relevant information:

One major pet peeve your audience has with Pinterest is content-baiting that doesn’t actually lead to relevant content. Make sure that your pins are engaging on the surface level, but also provide a link and an opportunity for the user to dig deeper and learn more.

Rich Pins

Pinterest is focusing in on making their platform more than just a cork-board of ideas. With Rich pins you have the opportunity to offer visitors additional information and linking capabilities. So, how do you go about building those pins? Well, things can get a little technical at this point. If you want specific instructions on how to prep your website, test your Rich Pin, and apply to get your pin up on Pinterest – follow this link for instructions.

Promoted Pins

In September, Pinterest announced that they were going to be running a beta test with certain brands on their search network for Promoted Pins. For regular updates on this process and when advertising will be made available via this social network – subscribe to the pinterest blog.

Track It

Don’t forget to take a moment and review the newly launched Pinterest Analytics. This area of the platform makes it simple to keep track of your overall effectiveness on Pinterest as well as breaking down your most influential content and help you grown your presence on the platform.

If you are looking to grow this area of your business marketing program, but don’t have the time or energy – give a shout out to – we are standing by and ready to set you up with the structure and content you need to make the most of this growing social search network. 



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