The Instagram Intensive

Are you ready to dominate Instagram? Or perhaps just figure out how the hell to use it?!? I gotchu.

The Instagram Intensive is a 6-week group coaching program that will help you identify your target audience, develop content that makes you stand out, and teach you exactly how to use Instagram to meet the needs of your growing business.


  • CONNECTION MARKETING! How to build a tribe, grow relationships, and show your people that you're there to help them, not steal their money
  • How to identify your target audience and ideal followers
  • Content strategy to help you stand out, attract your people, and get more engagement
  • WHAT TO POST and the key elements that make for a successful post
  • How to refine your branding and be more efficient and effective with your marketing
  • Aesthetics 101: How to create posts that get noticed (I don't care how good your content is, if it looks like sh*t, no one is going to watch it)
  • The nuts and bolts of growing your account: When to post, how often, and how to best utilize all the functions of Instagram to grow your numbers
  • How to create superfans who look forward to receiving your content
  • How to monetize Instagram and future-proof yourself


Round 6 of the Intensive has sold out. This is the last cohort of 2020, but the Intensive will return for Round 7, early next year. Click the button below to get on the waitlist. Thank you so much for your interest!

Join the family!