The Maestro Meeting

The Overview:

My goal is to help you figure out where you want to be and what you need to do to get there. My success over time has come from the ability to incorporate ideas from multiple influences to create a hybrid system that works for me. I am going to help you to do the same. Happiness is yours for the making. Whether you need motivation, clarity, accountability, marketing advice, social media suggestions, or simply want to discuss clinical concepts, I gotchu.

The Model:

I’m treating this the same way I treat physical therapy: Assessment will drive intervention. You’ll fill out an assessment application (online of course), we will determine need and if this would be an appropriate fit, and then we will intervene. Some folks need more. Some folks need less. I’ve got something for everyone.

The Maestro Meeting itself is a single call lasting one hour. Overall it’s best for those needing a little motivation, guidance, or just a swift kick in the ass.

The Nitty-gritty:

$200 per Maestro Meeting. No extra taxes. No hidden fees. No beating around the bush. Take a breath. Remember: When you pay, you pay attention. My physical therapy sessions, remote or in-person, cost $200/ hour and last one hour. These Maestro Meeting sessions, you guessed it, will cost $200/hour and last one hour. Time is time. Consider this your first business lesson 😉 “Calls” can occur via phone, Skype, Zoom, or FaceTme, depending on your location and your preferred method of communication.

The Outcome:

Just like with physical therapy, I make no promises except that I will give 100%, but never more than you give. I guide, I facilitate, I hold up the mirror. I do not fix. The goal of the Maestro Meeting is for you to leave that session motivated, with a clearer overall direction and 2-3 resources to begin your journey. If you decide to schedule follow-up sessions we can set a long-term goal(s), break it down, and I get to hold you accountable for actually making moves and not just talking about them.

The Application

Enough yapping from me. Click the link below, submit your application, and prepare to get Maestrofied. Applicants will be contacted via email, and those who are accepted will be sent a scheduling link. If I don’t think that I’d be a good fit, I’m not just going to kick you to the curb. Based on your application, I’ll do my best to suggest another coach or resource that I think would be a better fit.

Thank you again for your interest, your time, and your belief in me. Cheers to creating your happiness.

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