The Maestro Meeting:

Business coACHINg for the health and fitness professional looking to grow an audience, build a brand, and run a profitable online business.


The Overview:

Maestro Meetings are hour-long action-oriented coaching calls that provide you with a strategic plan that you can immediately implement to address your online business concerns. Maestro meetings are results-driven and 100% tailored to your specific needs. The goal of a Maestro Meeting is to get you crystal clear on the steps you need to take to reaching your online business goals. Whether you’re a new grad or have been in the profession or 20 years, I can and will help you identify the exact steps that you need to take to get your online business to the next level, or off the ground at all. Let’s get to work.

The Model:

The Maestro Meeting itself is a digital coaching call that takes place using the online meeting platform, Zoom. Yes, Maestro Meetings are all digital. It's 2023. Each session lasts one hour.


Is a Maestro Meeting right for you?

I'm down to chat with anyone, but given my background as a physical therapist, these meetings are best suited for anyone in the health, wellness, and movement world (ie - PT, chiro, LMT, ATC, OT, PTA, personal trainer, yoga/pilates instructor, etc).

If you have ever thought these things or said these things to yourself, a Maestro meeting is for you:

  • I've ventured into the digital space and I love it, but I feel disorganized and could use some systems
  • I want to launch an online course but I don’t know how
  • I want to grow my online presence but I don't know how
  • I want to grow a social media following but have no idea where or how to start
  • I want to start my own personal brand and reach people online
  • I want to do more on social media, but I'm afraid of what people might say
  • I want to do more on social media, but I'm afraid it will become a time-suck
  • I have a message to share with the world, but I just don't know where to start
  • I feel overwhelmed AF by my days and need help organizing my life
  • I know that I just can't keep doing what I've been doing forever
  • I don't know what I'm doing, but I know I'm ready to do something

That list, while extensive, is not exhaustive. A Maestro Meeting, at its heart, is one-on-one business coaching for the health and fitness professional in search of strategy, structure, clarity, and and guidance regarding their online business. 

I'm all about attracting people who take action, so I'm putting the ball in your court. If you want in, click the link below to schedule, pay the monies, and get ready to be #Maestrofied. Do the thing.

The Nitty-gritty:

$397 per Maestro Meeting. No extra taxes. No hidden fees. No beating around the bush. When you pay, you pay attention. Consider this your first business lesson 😉 Coaching calls last one hour and occur via Zoom, which means you can record them! Don't worry about the time-zone differences. My online scheduler will handle all of that. Just click the date and time that works for you.


The Promise:

Just like with physical therapy, the only promise I make is that I will give 100%, but never more than you give. I guide, I facilitate, I hold up the mirror. I do not fix. I will however guarantee that you will leave the Maestro Meeting with homework, 2-3 action items that you can start working on IMMEDIATELY, and a clear plan the next steps to take to address your primary pain point and biggest obstacle.

Thank you again for your interest, your time, and your belief in me. Cheers to creating your happiness.

For those of you on the fence...

I get it. It's a lot of money to drop and who's to say that we're even gonna be a a good fit or that I can help you?!? If you're on the fence and want to ask a few more questions before scheduling a Maestro Meeting, click that button below to submit a custom inquiry, and someone from Team Maestro will help you out.

Testimonial Time:

Abby Halpin

Physical Therapist and Coach
Instagram: @forteperformancept

"When I had my first Maestro Meeting with Shanté, I was working in a great physical therapy clinic, but I was aware that I was working unsustainably hard, slightly bored, and I was not in charge of the trajectory of my own professional life. A terrible combination. Speaking with Shanté gave me clarity on how my unique characteristics really shine in my work and how to harness them in a way that serves my work in the long run. That meeting gave me the push I needed to start my own practice in a way that felt right to my clients and me. I was also given some logistical "nudges". The Maestro gave me a list of to-dos and even helped me plan out the date I would make it all happen (and checked on me to make sure it was happening).

I met with the Maestro again a year later when I was ready to focus on a specific target audience. I wanted to shift from a general outpatient orthopedic population to working with musicians and performing artists. I mostly needed validation that this was the right move for me, but I came away from that meeting with 76 (yes, I counted) content ideas and ways to deliver the information. I am now grateful to be serving a population that desperately needs trustworthy health care and movement resources. I feel like I really know what my audience needs from me and how to deliver focused messaging to them.

The Maestro Meeting is a fantastic combination of strategy and logistics. Shanté will help you discover what you really want (and don't want) and guide you to figure out the small and doable steps to get you there. Shanté will break it down with you so that you don't feel overwhelmed. As a wonderful bonus, Shanté has a wide network of trusted resources with expertise in other areas of business that I have come to rely on as well.

Be warned, take a meeting with the Maestro, and your life may (will) change."

Headshot AT - Allison Tenney
Allison Tenney

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Online Fitness Business Owner

Instagram: @allisontenney

"Shanté is a trusted mentor and incredible sounding board. She asks the best questions to help clarify what the next best move to make inside your business is. What I loved most about my Maestro Meeting is the actionable items I walked away with to implement and work on for my business. Shanté helps you decide what's best for YOUR business and YOUR life based on your goals and are aligned with your own values.

I got clarity, accountability, and the action items that needed to happen to move me closer to by business goals after meeting with Shanté."

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Rhonda Chamberlain, PT

Physiotherapist and Postpartum Fitness Coach

Instagram: @rhondachamberlainpt

"I booked a Maestro Meeting with Shante at the end of the year with a lot of confusion about where I wanted to take my business in the New Year. I had a lot of moving parts, and I knew that if I was confused about all my offers, my audience likely was as well.

I met with Shante in the hopes that she could bring some clarity to my offers, my message and my niche. This call went far beyond my expectations. She really took the time to understand my business and my vision. She asked great questions to help me really focus in on who my ideal client is, what I was good at, and what I enjoyed.

I came out of that call with so many ideas to simplify my offers and be much more clear with my messaging. Shante was so generous with her time and I am so appreciate of her wisdom.

I would highly recommend this service if you're needing some clarity in your business!"

Head shot Feb 2023 (900 × 900 px) - Erica Webb
Erica Webb

Registered Counsellor and Mindful Movement Coach

Instagram: @ericawebb_selfkind

"I have had a number of meetings with Maestro and I could sing their praises profusely over pages and pages of feedback. But that wouldn't make a great testimonial so instead I will say this: Maestro's ability to SEE her clients and meet them with the questions, support and guidance they need is unmatched.

Maestro is curious about what her clients want, what they need and how they want to show up in the world. She leads with her values, shows up with genuine interest, and I would recommend a Maestro meeting to anyone who needs clarity or support in online business.

Thank you for being you, Maestro!"

jennifer hutton

Physical Therapist

Instagram: @dr.jpop

"One thing I've already noticed is that my anxiety about the day lessened significantly because I knew exactly what to do."

Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 3.22.17 PM
cadence dubus

Strength Coach and Pilates Teacher

Instagram: @brooklynstrength

"I can honestly say you have opened my eyes to a much more 'availability-minded' way of looking at my business and community. I lived in a scarcity mindset for so long.. like until the pandemic basically. always trying to keep my head above water and with really no guidance or guide posts or anyone to compare in any useful way. Working with you has brought so much confidence and clarity. I no longer feel like everything is a hope and a dream and a hopefully and a maybe. I feel like plans are just positive things I'm trying, I trust my instincts more. I have faith in what I've built and where it's going. I can see the arc where before I couldn't really see where I was going or what I had done. You really helped me contextualize what I've created and that has helped me see where I'm going and where I CAN GO!

Forever grateful for your guidance and no BS support."

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