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After completing hundreds of discovery calls, my team and I decided that traditional discovery calls ain’t the way. Folks often times have to wait weeks for an answer that takes only a few minutes to provide, and ya’ll know that efficiency is one of my love languages. So we switched things up and have gone to the custom inquiry form. Your time is valuable, my time is valuable, let’s not waste either of those valuable things.

Before you submit your question, please read the answers to the two most commonly asked question from past discovery calls:

Question: I have this thing I want to do but I’m not sure it will work. Should I do it?

Answer: Yes, you should do that thing you’re thinking about. I don’t know if it will work. No one does. The only way you will ever find out is by trying. Do the thing.

Question: I’m struggling with X thing related to online business and thinking about booking a Maestro Meeting. Does that sound like something you can help me with?

Answer: Yes. I can help you. If it's related to online business, I can help. Book a Maestro Meeting. Every single person who I work with in any one-on-one capacity starts with a Maestro Meeting. Whether you want help getting started in the online space, growing an audience on social media, launching an online offer, fleshing out an idea that you’re unsure will work, organizing your schedule, or tightening up your branding and messaging, we start with a Maestro Meeting. You can click here to learn MOAR and schedule yours.

If you’re worried about us being a good fit, please check out any of the 550+ podcast episodes I have, or any of the 4700+ Instagram posts I’ve made. I promise I’m EXACTLY the same face-to-face as I am online.

Still got a question? Fill out the fields below and someone from my team will get back to you with an answer and next steps. (We’ll probably tell you to book a Maestro Meeting.)

Cheers to doing the thing.

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