Friday, June 2nd, 2017

A nice little #FBF for ya from the archives, when I still lived in Brooklyn, was just starting The Movement Maestro, and only had a half sleeve. Ohh memories ?.

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Picked up this drill known as lego rocking from @stephgatp down at @crossfitatp. The amount of mobility to be gained from this flow is incredible.

I struggle with knee and ankle mobility, and this is a nice way to work on them both, while also working the hip. Moving through thoracic spine extension and flexion can also be added in as a bonus. Ideally this should be done with no shoes on to also help work on foot mobility and strength. Don't be surprised if you get a cramp or 10 in that bottom foot!

I have to alter my hand placement to offload my bottom leg as I don't yet have the mobility in my ankle or knees to bring my heel to my butt, and the top of my foot to the floor. You'll also notice that I place my hands around my right ankle to help with a more localized mobilization. This is just something I add in because I need it!

Attempting to force your body where it doesn't want to go is recipe for disaster, so remember to be easy, breathe, and work on gradually greasing the groove.

I'd recommend checking out @original_strength for an idea of what this drill looks like in the absence of knee and ankle restrictions like mine. Even the Maestro has things to work on!

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