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DM #545

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

DM #545: Be nice.

Now, it’s always my intent to educate, not shame. As such, if you tend to do tool work on yourselves/your patients/clients until they are black and blue, I’m just going to ask that you take a step back and consider the alternatives. You’re still a good person. Just presenting you with a new treatment idea.

Got inspired to do this post by that awesome Gil Hedley course, and a not so awesome cupping post sent to me by my dude. For the millionth time, bruising is not better, better is better. Your fascia is so good to you. Making you robust. Allowing you to move. Transmitting force. Acting as a scaffolding for so many other types of tissues. Providing a foundation for our very being. Why are we trying to blast it?

Telling people that scraping themselves to death will get rid of cellulite is a brilliant but largely non-scientific approach to marketing, with psychosocial and anthropological underpinnings that I can’t even begin to discuss here. Babies have cellulite. You gonna go and blast them too?

As I state every time I do an IASTM post, the main way you’re having your affect when you use a tool is via the nervous system. Mechanical effects do however occur, but they largely involve improving/restoring glide at fasical interfaces and improving/restoring fluid dynamics in the area; NOT breaking apart adhesions. They just way too strong for that.

For those who are gonna say “but I blasted away my cellulite”, no, what you actually did was create DAMAGE in the superficial fascia (this layer includes fat) which leads to SCARRING and subsequently a decreased ability to see the totally NATURAL and NORMAL adipose tissue structure that resides within that layer of tissue. There’s a reason that blasting is targeted at women and not men. Females have thicker superficial fascia thus making it easier to see cellulite and more difficult to get rid of it. (Not gonna touch marketing and societal norms ?)

So, take home: Less blasting, more loving. Your fascia is a precious gift. Don’t forget that.

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